«St. Petersburg Star”® Eurasian Grand Prix Trophy-2018

We glad to invite you to the most beautiful city of Russia to spend an unforgettable weekend dancing at Saint Petersburg Star Dance Festival. The event has its own unique history, style and traditions and has long established itself as a “must go”. The magnificently decorated snow-white parquet of the congress-hall, accompanied by live orchestra, will feature the best Pro-Am couples from Russia, America, Europe, Asia. On Friday, at the hotel, there will be lessons with the Stars of Dance, on Saturday, December 15th – the whole day of IDSCA Pro-Am All-Styles Competition, Eurasian Grand Prix Trophy Pro-Am, SRDS Professional Open Smooth, RDU Show Dance events, Youth and Adults age groups competitions in Latin and Standard.

“St.Petersburg Star”® is always distinguished by the special atmosphere, scenery, magnificent light, large parquet, international panel of adjudicators, the best Pro-Am couples participation and of course special, incomparable after-party events!

This time after-party takes place in the center of St. Petersburg, on the Fontanka Embankment in the legendary night club “Purga” at the “hooligan party of the New Year”

It will be an unforgettable celebration of dance, live music and friendly fun in a pleasant company!

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Organizer Andrey Bushchik

Art Director Asya Tkacheva